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Peinture à numéros personnalisé.

Envoyez votre photo à

La photo doit être de bonne qualité pour un meilleur résultat.

Kit de peinture personnalisée par numéros

La taille minimale pour le téléchargement de photos est de 1200×1200 pixels

Remarque: l’image que vous sélectionnez doit être d’un visage humain ou d’une tête d’animal

Si ta photo est de deux personnes alors les têtes doivent être très proches l’une de l’autre

Les Images de peintures et de dessins ne conviennent pas

Les Photos doivent être au point et correctement exposées (ni trop sombres ni trop claires)

Choisissez une photo où l’arrière-plan n’est pas trop encombré

Nom de marque



Peintures à l'huile


Unique, Horizontal Rectangle

Base de support






Mode de la monture

Sans cadre



Numéro de Modèle

painting by numbers


Pas de


Paint à la main


Pas de




no frame


rolled on tube


painted by yourself

home decors

unique gift for children family

home decoration

living room Kids Room wedding decoration


vintage painting




Acrylic paint brush canvas

wall art picture

handpainted oil painting

Calligraphy and painting type

canvas painting

custom photo

Personalised Paint by numbers


buy one get one free


any size you want

free gift

random by seller

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15 reviews for Peinture à numéro PERSONNALISÉ | Transformez vos photos en peintures à numéros

  1. I***v

    I take the second time from this seller. fast delivery, excellent quality of canvas and paints.

  2. K***k

    Came in 13 days. Made painting days 5 after payment. For me duck all very quickly. Put a gift a little thing and nice. 2 Newans. The first is that in the paint number 6 and 9 are not marked and it is not clear where what. But I will. And two of me unfolded the picture. They were horizontal and made vertically. But I look, it's probably even better. How many times I ordered with Ali no one made a sheet of crib, but there is. Very cool seller, I will order from him more. Many complain about poor performance of paintings. Understand you already finally photo is one and the picture is different, I watched the reviews you initially take the wrong photo. If the photo on the face falls shadow then when you draw it will be more like a spot so it looks not as you would like. If the photo is not the standard size on the picture it will be stretched or cut. This is also necessary to understand not all photos with faces suitable for paintings. All successful purchases. I ran to draw) then I will add a review to the finished picture)

  3. I***a

    The picture came a whole, corresponds to the description, has not yet done but I really like it, I recommend the seller

  4. w***w

    Everything came in excellent quality!) I was very worried that there would be something wrong but my doubts were dispelled) the seller is very responsive and put a small picture as a gift, as everything will be ready to complement the review)

  5. A***a

    Everything is fine! The paints are fresh. The truth as always black is not enough but I have been experienced for a long time in stock a large jar of black acrylic paint. Some parts are not exactly painted had to fantasize itself. I recommend!

  6. AliExpress Shopper

    Packed picture in a roll, not wrinkled. Paints I think will be enough. The seller put a panda picture as a gift-thanks. I recommend. Happy new year!!!

  7. J***a

    I can recognize my cat. It is good. But it is to dark on the right side – the photo of cat wasn't that black. But I like the rest of colors and how it looks.

  8. s***n

    5 days manufacturing and 30 days shipping to Peter. The product corresponds to the description, but can not check T. K. I took it as a gift.

  9. L***a

    Excellent moved to the picture, only began to draw, but almost like how they handed the color of the photo‍♀️! Why do I have gray and purple hair, nose and forehead color of a pig??

  10. T***a

    It came on January 5, 2020. Packed well with roller, but not in carton box. The goods did not crumple. Unpacked at first glance everything is fine, the picture on the photo as ordered + Gift small picture panda. Paints and brushes for each painting separately, all numbered. When I began to paint, I realized that I ate shortcomings. First in small places do not disassemble the numbers and from the paper tips there is no use, there just as can not see small numbers. I got too many small details to look under the magnifier or to think about the color. But it's not that bad… When I began to paint the jacket and pants I realized that something is not so going …. The color of the jacket and pants is Lilac, but it should be white T to suit white! There were only two candied White darker and lighter, I had to paint because it seemed to me right! In the second photo, what happened, on the third, the way I handed over the jacket and pants. Until I finished the picture, I post a photo of what so far turned out + Original

  11. B***a

    J’ai adoré, l’image est très bonne, ils voient bien les détails, les peintures aussi, jusqu’à présent très satisfaits du produit

  12. AliExpress Shopper

    Les peintures sont fraîches-c’est un plaisir de dessiner.

  13. E***a

    Je suis content! Bien emballé! Le seul point négatif fait forcément les endroits sombres sont plus clairs!

  14. A***v

    Je suis très heureux! C’est intéressant pour moi et mon fils depuis 8 ans de peindre.

  15. G***n


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